Spirit of the south still stands as South Carolinians mark 150 years of secession

The organisers billed it as “the event of a lifetime” and, judging by the gaiety inside the Gaillard auditorium in Charleston, most of those present agreed. The women wore silk hoop skirts, petticoats and bloomers, their hair in ringlets; the men wore tuxedos and top hats, while some sported the grey uniform of the confederate [...]

The Britons who died for the Stars and Stripes: How thousands of volunteers gave their lives in America’s Civil War

At the height of the battle, sparks from artillery shells lit the underbrush, transforming the scrubby wilderness into a roaring furnace.
Men from both sides of the war were lost, confused and trapped together in a living hell as the scrub pine in the woods flared up with a sickening roar.
Soldiers could see their comrades waving [...]

Life of American Civil War secret agent James Dunwoody Bulloch commemorated in Liverpool.

THE great-grand daughter of a Liverpool legend flew in from Australia to unveil a new plaque in his honour.
Barbara Elliott was joined by historians and American Civil War experts to remember James Dunwoody Bulloch, the Confederate States’ Navy secret purchasing agent during the 1861-65 war.

American Civil War Re-Enactors … In The U.K.?

Civil War re-enactment in America? OK. But overseas?? Last year, while on scholarship from Indiana University’s School of Journalism, photographer Jay Seawell spent three months documenting the subculture in Britain. According to him, it’s not so unusual.
It’s hard to say whether American re-enactors would allow a digital camera on the 19th-century battlefield. But in the [...]

US civil war headstone altered

The headstone of a former American slave and Union soldier was changed after the original said he was a member of the pro-slavery Confederate army.More than 100 of Samuel Brown’s descendants and Civil War buffs in period dress gathered at California’s Vallejo Sunrise Memorial Cemetery for the dedication of his new headstone.

Confederate Navy Lieutenant’s Colt pistol could blast to £15,000

An historic Colt 1862 Revolver which belonged to Lieutenant Arthur Sinclair of the Confederate States Navy is estimated to sell for £10,000-15,000 at Bonhams sale of Antique Arms and Armour on July 28.
Arthur Sinclair (1837-1925, born in Norfolk, Virginia) served aboard the CSS Alabama (1862-1864), the famous 1050-ton screw steam Civil War raider which was [...]

Wirral urged to market its links with American Civil War to tourists

WIRRAL is being urged to market itself as a major destination for tourists marking the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.
US education chiefs visited the borough last week to look at how sights of historical interest – including Cammell Laird – could be incorporated into special tours from 2011-15.
It is estimated there are at [...]

The American Civil War: the gruesome suffering of soldiers exposed

The likelihood of death or disfigurement on the battlefield was remote from the minds of the men of 1861 as they marched away. It became an all too urgent reality once the first shots were exchanged. The first battle of Bull Run left 1,000 wounded on the field. By 1862, Union regiments were becoming accustomed [...]

Search for pills that made Abraham Lincoln lose his cool

Lincoln’s consumption of the ‘blue mass,’ used as an explanation for his “melancholy” is said to have been used most often “ineffectively.”
In honour of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln, the society has decided to trace the Victorian medication also known as ‘blue pills,’ used widely in the 19th century as a cure [...]

How Mersyside played a huge part in the war which united America

MANY stories and myths surround the American Civil War. But firmly rooted in fact is the premier part that Liverpool and Birkenhead played in the conflict, dubbed America’s darkest hour.
Such was the important impact of the two towns’ role that a leading Civil War historian believes they prolonged the war by several years.
Historian and lecturer [...]