Stolen Civil War Weapon Finally Found (Video)

A gun used in the Civil War, then stolen from the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond has been recovered more than three decades after the theft.
The museum considered the .36 caliber Spiller and Burr revolver used by General George Washington Rains one of its most prized possessions.
“This is one of the very first and [...]

Bill Lohmann: No easy answers in battle of preservationists vs. Wal-Mart

Almost 150 years after the first shots of the Civil War were fired, a modern battle commences in an Orange County courtroom tomorrow.
This time, it’s not North vs. South, but Preservationists vs. Wal-Mart.
History vs. Shopping would be the simple way to portray it.

Ball kicks off Civil War 150th anniversary events in Prince William

The first commemorative event of the Civil War’s sesquicentennial in the Manassas area was a memorable one.
Some 200 people turned out for the Blue and Gray Ball at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, taking a step back in time.
Highlights of Saturday night’s event included:

Walmart near battlefield heads to court

Civil War history will be played out in a rural Virginia courtroom this week when Wal-Mart Stores Inc. defends a planned store near a hallowed site where Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant first met on the field of battle in 1864.
The trial in Orange County Circuit Court pits preservationists and residents against the [...]

Civil War anniversay celebrated in Appomattox

The War Between the States began 150 years ago. It ended four years later in Appomattox.
A new Confederacy Museum is in the works in Appomattox; it’s just one way the anniversary of the Civil War is helping garner interest in the town.
“In this county alone, in Appomattox Co., 60% of the families had slaves,” said [...]

Prince Williams’ Blue and Gray Ball kicks off Civil War commemoration

Next week kicks off the Civil War commemoration events in Prince William County and Manassas with the Blue and Gray Ball.
A group of women dressed in colorful 1860s attire came to a meeting of the Manassas City Council on Monday to promote the event that takes place on Jan. 22.

Iconic Civil War Ship’s Salvaged Engine Gets TLC

The order to abandon ship came just after midnight. The USS Monitor, a Union ironclad, was taking on too much water, caught in a violent storm. At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 31, 1862, the Monitor was overcome, engulfed by the crashing waves.
Almost 150 years later, conservators are getting the first up-close look at the [...]

Arlington pulls error-prone textbook

Arlington school officials decided Wednesday to pull a textbook in which historians have found dozens of errors.
“Based upon the recent information about the number and scope of errors identified in the Grade 4 Social Studies textbook, Our Virginia: Past and Present, Arlington Public Schools (APS) officials announced today their decision to remove all print copies [...]

Error-filled textbooks to be replaced for free

Two history textbooks that contain multiple errors will be replaced without charge to Virginia schools.
The Virginian-Pilot reports that Five Ponds Press is revising “Our Virginia: Past and Present” and “Our America to 1865” with the help of a historian. The revised textbooks will be available online Jan. 15. Replacement books for schools and divisions that [...]

Up from the ashes: Civil War barn set on fire by lightning, rebuilt by Amish construction crew

A well-placed lightning strike lit a Middleburg barn on fire last year—burning it to the ground. But now, with help from an Amish construction crew, the barn is on the way back up.
“We build barns, that’s what we do,” Amish construction foreman Moses Reihl told the Times-Mirror, as he and a crew of his workers [...]