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 Posted: Sat Sep 18th, 2010 01:14 am
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Grumpy Geezer

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Got this question via the Newswire contact form. Does anyone have any info?

 Back in the 1970, I used to visit the Grant Park Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama and Electric Map.  After having been gone for 30 years, I returned to the the park and a refurbished Cyclorama, but no map. 

"Essentially, this removal gave the Grant Park site the equivalent of a pre-frontal lobotomy, in that the mural was there, but the means of understanding what happened had been removed.

What happened to the map?  The woman selling tickets had never heard of it."

At first I thought maybe he confused it with Gettysburg, but having never been to the Atlanta Cyclorama, I thought some of you may know better,

 Posted: Sat Sep 18th, 2010 02:56 am
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Root Beer Lover

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Don't know if this is much help to you, Javal, but I found online that it underwent restoration from either '79-'81 as the New Georgia Encyclopedia article ( on it says or from '79-'82 as the offical site for the cyclorama says in it's history (

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