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 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 12:41 pm
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Joined: Wed Jul 5th, 2006
Location: Boston, MA - Jessica
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I don't mean your brother's wife's great great grandfather... I was just wondering if anyone in this forum has blood relatives that fought in the Civil War.  If so, where from?  What unit?  How much do you know?  Did you manage to link it back with no gaps in the lineage?  (because that is the only way I can believe anyone is actually related.)  About 100 people with my last name or family names were in the CW, but I doubt any are actually (blood) related to me.

Thanks - Jessie

 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 01:30 pm
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Grumpy Geezer

Joined: Thu Sep 1st, 2005
Location: Tennessee USA
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Meet William and Charles Issemoyer of the 153rd Pa., veterans of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. Charles (on the right) was my great-grandfather, and William was his brother, my great-uncle. When I requested Charles' records from the Archives, I got a letter saying they needed over $60 for copying. Turns out it was hundreds of pages of Charles fighting the government for a disability allowance, which he never received. He claimed he was shot at Chancellorsville. The gov't concluded the wound was from a tree branch! William was captured and became a POW at that battle. These two are the reason CWi exists. Great question Burnside!

 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 02:48 pm
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Joined: Mon Jul 17th, 2006
Location: Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania USA
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William and Thomas Harris joined Ward's Tennessee Cavalry in 1862.  I have seen the original muster sheets for the brothers.  Their father had fought in Coffee's Regiment in the War of 1812.  They were  all from Obion County, TN in the NW corner of the state.  They were both captured in 1863 on Morgan's raid.  Ward's Regiment is also known as the 9th Ten. Cav and the 15th Ten. Cav.  Depends on who is refering to it.  Union records dealt with it differently than the CSA.  I have copies of their Camp Douglas prisoner of war records then their transfer to Lookout Point Maryland.  After the war, William Harris got married and had a daughter named Lucy Pearl.  She had a daughter named Laura May who married a man by the name of Good.  Their daughter was my grandmother.  My great-grandmother, Laura May died two years ago at the age of 95 I believe.  She loved her family history and traced the Harris family line back to Sir William Harris who landed in Jamestown in 1616.  There are about 8 William's in that family line.

 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 04:25 pm
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David White

Joined: Tue Sep 6th, 2005
Location: Texas USA
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Mom's Great Grandfathers:

Eli Ardoin, 28th (29th) Louisiana Infantry (discharged with illness, mentioned in the official records as "____ Ardoin" for messing with the conscriptors later in the war)

Thomas Pendergrast, 8th Louisiana Infantry (50 year old private, wounded in the abdomen at 1st Winchester and captured after town was recaptured, exchanged in time for the march north in 1863. His next battle up was second Battle of Winchester, he got sick the day of that engagement with hemroids and missed that charge.  Did make the charge to the top of  Cemetary Hill at Gettysburg but after that battle he was in the Confederate equivalent of the Invalid Corps mostly around Lynchburg until the end of the war).

Still researching Dad's Grear Grandfathers:

Alexander F. White, 9th Texas Cavalry, rode with Sul Ross and Forrest

William H. White, 13th (Waller's) Texas Cavalry Battalion, wounded  just before the Red River Campaign, shortly after joining.


 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 05:18 pm
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James Longstreet

Joined: Thu Aug 3rd, 2006
Location: Arkansas USA
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I have several great grandfathers who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.  Jacob King, my grandmother's great grandfather, was in a North Carolina regiment in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.  I have not been able to locate the regiment, but King is somewhat of a local hero and I have been promised his records from Appomattox.  My grandfather's great grandfather was Newt Seay of the 10th Arkansas, a veteran of Shiloh, though he died of disease in 1863.  Another great grandfather was in a Tennessee cavalry unit, though I cannot find any information past that.

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 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 05:21 pm
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Albert Sailhorst

Joined: Mon Sep 12th, 2005
Location: Aledo, Illinois USA
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I've done the geneology, etc.

My G-G-Grandfather, Henry V. Flowers was with the 6th Tennessee Cavalry (Federal) under Col. Fielding Hurst. This unit was raised in McNairy County, Tennessee. My G-G- Grandfather got to the rank of Sergeant, but was busted back to Private for, I think, going AWOL. This unit was an arch enemy of Gen. N. B Forrest (Forrest said that any memeber of this unit, if captured, were not to be treated as prisoners of war, but to be treated as outlaws and to be dealt with accordingly).

I think, but I have yet to research it, that his wife had brothers that fought for the Confederacy.

Albert Sailhorst, Scott's Battery

 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 05:37 pm
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Joined: Sat Jan 28th, 2006
Location: Corinth, MS
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Using the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System I found only three Jacob Kings who fought for North Carolina and they served in the 25th, 56th and 58th Infantry regiments. The 58th did not serve with the ANV so that narrows it down. If you know what county he came from you might be able to nail his unit.

Best regards,


 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 05:53 pm
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James Longstreet

Joined: Thu Aug 3rd, 2006
Location: Arkansas USA
Posts: 89

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Tom, thanks a lot for the information.  I'm trying to find the county right now.


 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 07:48 pm
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Steven Cone

Joined: Fri May 19th, 2006
Location: Mount Juliet, Tennessee USA
Posts: 118

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Here is my list of Confederate Relatives:

George W. Cone    "3rd Great Grandfather"
4th Ala Cav. "Roddney's"
Rank: Pvt.
Enlisted: 1861 fought till end of war but was never paroled.

Daniel Marion Craft    "3rd great Grandfather"
Co. G
22nd Alabama Infantry 

Rank: Pvt.
Enlisted: Sept. 25, 1861.
Co. G "Randolph Spartans" of Randolph County,Al by Capt. Roberts at Montgomery
He surrendered with consolidated 22nd Ala Inf. Company "B" at Greensboro NC, May 1, 1865.

Henry Lewis Tolbert    "3rd great Grandfather"
4th Alabama (Russell's) Cavalry
Rank: Pvt.

John W. Putman    "3rd great Grandfather"
Co. B 30th Alabama Infantry
Wounded in leg during the Battle of Jonesboro, Ga 1864

Larkin J. Craft
Co. D 40th Georgia Infantry

Derrell Cone:    "3rd Great. GrandUncle"
Co. F 48th Alabama Vol. Infantry
Enlisted: 1862
Rank: Pvt
Gen. John Bell Hoods Division

Horace Cone:
Was a member of Gen. Arther Magruder's Staff
Rank: Colonel
Note: also held the position of Judge Advocate General in the Confederate Army.

George C Tolbert    "3rd Great GrandUncle"
4th Alabama (Russell's) Cavalry
Rank: Pvt.

Newton (Newt) Tolbert    "3rd Great GrandUncle"

Robert E. Craft "4th Great - Grand Uncle"
Co. B 5th Battalion Ala Vol

Reuben Craft    "3rd Great GrandUncle"
Co. B 5th Ala Battalion
Rank: Pvt.
Enlisted Aug. 19, 1861 Calhoun County, Ala.
Wounded: June 26, 1862 - Mechanicsville, Va.,
Returned to duty during the Jan-Feb. 1863 roll.
April 1864 roll says detailed to the Ordnance Dept., Orange Courthouse Va.
Dec. 1864 roll says detailed as guard with 3rd Corps hospitals, Army Northern Virginia.
Absent w/o leave Feb. 16-25, 1865.
Surrendered with the battalion at Appomattox Courthouse Va., April 9, 1865.

Steven J. Craft    "3rd Great GrandUncle"
Co. B 5th Ala Battalion
Rank: Pvt.
Enlisted: Feb. 11, 1865 - Montgomery, Ala.
Surrendered with the battalion at Appomattox Courthouse Va., April 9, 1865.
How did he manage to get through Sherman's Army in the Carolinas?

Elijah Craft     "1st Cousin 5 times Back"
Co. K 3rd Reg. Ga Va.
Rank: Pvt.
Enlisted 11/24/1863
Died Of SmallPox: Lynchburg, VA 02/19/ 1865
(Buried there in Confederate Cemetery no. 1, 4th line. lot 202)

William H. Craft    "3rd Great GrandUncle"
9th Ala. Cav "Malone's Cav"

Moses Jasper Ball     "3rd Great GrandUncle"
Co. G 22nd Alabama Infantry Rank: Pvt.

Abner C. Ball    "3rd Great GrandUncle"
Co. G 22nd Alabama Infantry Page
Rank: Pvt.
Died: Dec. 31. 1862 - Stones River

George W. Harris   "3rd Geart. GrandUncle"
Co. F 28th Alabama Infantry  Age 22
Rank: Pvt
Wounded: 11/25/1863 - Missionary Ridge
Wounded: 05/14 /1864 Resaca, Ga

John G. Harris     "3rd Great. GrandUncle"
Co. F 28th Alabama Infantry 
Rank: Pvt
Age: 25
Wounded and Captured: 09/20/1863 Battle of Chickamauga

Theodore Cooke Cone
Co. K 10th Georgia Infantry
Enlisted: June 14, 1861
Rank: Capt
Retired: November 12, 1864

Francis Hiram Cone Jr.
Surgeon in Confederate Army.
Killed at Williamsburg VA 03 May 1862.

William Addison:
Enlisted: Confederate Army
Killed at Fair Oaks, Va June 1, 1862

Reginald Herber Foster:
Fought in the CW KIA 1864

Edward W. Cone
1st Virginia State Reserves (2d Class Militia)

 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 09:12 pm
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Steven Cone

Joined: Fri May 19th, 2006
Location: Mount Juliet, Tennessee USA
Posts: 118

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George Washington Cone:
Co. G 77 Ill Vol. Infantry
Enlisted - Aug. 14, 1862 at Elmwood, Ill.
Promoted - Lieutenant Nov. 20, 1863
Was in Many battles and was wounded at Vicksburg, Ms

Franklin J Cone:
Co. B 4th Ohio Cavalry
Edward R Cone:
Co. C 91 N.Y. Volunteer Infantry
Age: 19
Enlisted: Aug. 1861 Albany, NY
Promoted: Sergeant Sept. 18. 1861
Promoted: 1st. Sergeant June 23, 1864
Promoted: Sergeant - Major Dec. 7 1864;
Promoted: 1st Lieutenant March 2, 1865 for gallantry in battle.
Mustered out: Albany, NY July 3, 1865.

Note: The Official Record of the Rebellion - mentions him for act of bravery at storming of Port Hudson, La June 15, 1863. He volunteered as one of the "storming party" under the call of Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks and was in the siege forty-two days.

Joseph Cone:
103rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Enlisted: Aug. 18, 1863
Wounded: Atlanta, Ga July 22, 1864
Mustered out: June 1865

Orville Perry Cone:
Henshaw's Battery
Enlisted: Sept. 3 1862 Ottawa, Illinois
Discharged: July 18, 1865

William D. Cone:
Co. B 35th Iowa Infantry
Enlisted: Dec 5, 1863
Discharged: Oct. 1865
Was in a number of battles in the southwest.

Orlando V. Cone:
Co. B 101st. N.Y. Volunteer Infantry
Kia: 2nd Bull Run Aug, 29 1862
Note: A Letter from Catain to the widow states that:
"He was shot in the head while nobly pressing forward upon the enemy"
Also: Orlando fought in the war with Mexico and recieved a grant of land for his service

Jerome A. Brooks:
Co. I 3rd Battalion 5th NY Heavy Artillery
Enlisted: Aug. 1862
Wounded: Dec. 1862 - Fort Carroll, MD
Died: Dec. 1862 - Fort Carroll, MD

Horace C. Cone:

Co. H 67th NY Vol. Infantry

Charles C. Cone:

Co. C 46th Mass Vol. Infantry
Enlisted: 1863

Luther C Darte:

Co. M 4th Pa. Cav
Rank: Sgt

Thomas C Cone:

Co. H 34th Ill Inf.
Enlisted: September 7, 1861
Died: January 15, 1862 - Louisville, KY

George N. Cone:

Co. E 2nd Mass Artillery
Rank: Pvt Age: 26 Enlisted: Jan. 2, 1864
Mustered: Sept. 3, 1865 - Wilmington, NC

Charles B. Clark:

Co. H 1st Conn Heavy Artillery
Enlisted: Dec. 1 1863
Discharged: Sept. 25, 1865

Clark J. Cone:

Co. H 14 N. Y. H. Art'y.
Rank: Pvt / Sgt 18
Enlisted: 05/21/61
Co. D 27 N. Y. Infantry
Pvt / Corp 20 12/30/63
William Scull:
Co. K 11th Pa Cav
Enlisted: Sept. 16 1862 - Scranton, Pa
Discharged: May 16, 1865
Pension: Receives $24 a month for injuries received while in service by his horse falling upon him.

Lester S. Cone:
Co. D 87th Ohio Vol. Infantry
Enlisted: May 26 1862
Discharged: Sept. 6, 1863

Allen P. Kepner:
Co. A 41st. Ohio Vol. Infantry
Enlisting: Aug. 10, 1861
Captured: May 26 1864
Exchanged: Dec. 24, 1864
Note:"Attached to the Army of The Cumberland"
As a soldier he was promt in the discharge of his duties and brave in line of battle

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 Posted: Wed Aug 16th, 2006 09:21 pm
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Steven Cone

Joined: Fri May 19th, 2006
Location: Mount Juliet, Tennessee USA
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I cant seem to get the remaining relatives listed on here  so here is a link to all my relatives

And one thats not listed on there is:

Lyman H. Cone: Who was a Pvt. Co. G 5th New Hampshire Infantry



Last edited on Wed Aug 16th, 2006 09:30 pm by Steven Cone

 Posted: Thu Aug 17th, 2006 01:59 pm
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46th Georgia

Joined: Wed Aug 16th, 2006
Location: Columbus, Georgia USA
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I have be able to identify 11 veterans so far.  Eight of them fought for the South, my G-Great Uncle served in the Confederate Navy for about six months then resigned and became a blockade runner, he was captured and imprisoned at Ft. Warren, his father, my G-G-Great Grandfather, was also captured on board a blockade runner and was imprisoned at Ft. Warren.  These gentlemen are from my paternal Grandmother's side of the family.  From my maternal Grandmother's side, I have a G-Great Grandfather and two G-Great Uncles that served in Company F of the 46th Georgia.

On my paternal Grandfather's side or I guess you can say my direct line, I have identified three that served the Union.  One was in the 7th Connecticut Inf, one was a Chaplain for the 72nd Ill. Inf. and one was an Assistant Surgeon in the 8th N.Y National Guard. 

Will Barnes



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