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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 07:32 pm
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Please don't blame the impoverished south on the CW or reconstruction. At the time of the USCW, the south was a backwater society dominated by a few very wealthy, close-minded "aristocrats." It was not reconstruction that caused or perpetuated that stereotypical society.

Progress in the south was impeded by the peculiar institution. When it was gone, there is no reason I can think of that the south couldn't have bounced back to equal the progress in the north -- not even reconstruction -- except the obsession about "we was robbed."

True, the north did not suffer the devastation that the south did. But we are 150 years past that. And you're still blaming reconstruction for the lack of equality?

In any event, I don't see how reconstruction works into your argument that it kept the south impoverished to this day. If (IF) the south is impoverished, it can't be blamed on reconstruction. Something in the water?


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