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 Posted: Sat Dec 22nd, 2007 08:25 pm
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the railroads are museum pieces and tobacco is politically incorrect.

In my opinon and I am a non Smoker that occassionally smokes a cigar or pipe with the boys. We as a society have become to ME oriented if you want to smoke 3 packs a day in your own home or even in public that is cool with me just be considerate of others around you, and being considerate isnt the norm these days, I dont care if you smoke but use sense smoke in the non smoking area and dont go to resturants that dont have one and complain if they dont .  ( think that was off topic or was it sorry).

I think you hit the nail on the head pvt when you said that this is not a south issue it  is a national issue our economy is struggling now , believe me I am unemployed and lookin for work and each interview that I go thru the interviewer has a stack of resumes to pick from.

Buisnesses are failing everywhere I heard a statistic last month that 260 Mom and pop trucking buisnesses closed there doors last month in the midwest area due to fuel prices and freight prices . (my former field of employment) 

Reconstruction hurt the south yes but does it still effect it today yes  it was a huge event in its past but today to say interstates are not in certian areas for that reason is playin the blame game IMO . Highways cost money and in hard times cash is short and the population pays for highways in taxes when jobs are short folks move to populated areas to find work hence no money for new roads or repairs.

I generally just leave these sensitive threads alone for fear of hurting anyones feelings, Hope I have NOT here.   :dude:=+-

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