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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 01:55 am
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Bama, can you please elaborate on what "abuses" southern white males had to endure during this time, and in doing so can you please provide numbers as to how many whites (who weren't Jewish and northern) were lynched compared to blacks? The south's lack of economic growth was, like the Civil War, a self-inflicted wound. I'm sorry, but the fact of the matter is the south's economy was based on slavery, the south chose to fight to keep that system alive, the south was defeated, and the era of reconstruction was necessary to ensure that blacks were treated fairly and equitably. If northern politicians can be blamed for anything is is for allowing the "redeemer" governments to come to power. Southern "leaders" fought economic development tooth and nail because they couldn't abide "yankees" spoiling what they viewed as God's green earth and their way of life in antebellum times. Jim Crow did not come about because of any "abuses" whites suffered but rather because southerners feared that blacks would realize basic human rights and did whatever they could to ensure subjugation would continue.

Good grief guys, how much longer is this going to go on?


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