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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 06:23 am
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Wow, really good and interesting things unfolding here on the CWi Discussion Board so quickly that I just can't keep up, especially with Christmas coming so very quickly.  Am looking forward to catching up with it all in the lull between Christmas and New Years.

Just wanted to throw this in quickly - and I know that I mentioned it much earlier in the year on a different thread:

In 2006, I decided that I finally had to address Reconstruction.  So, I went to the Local University Library, which allows me to check out an unlimited number of books for six months at a time.  I carefully chose twelve books, and one of them was, GET THIS:  A History OF the history of Reconstruction.  It is such a dark, disturbing, complex, confused, and ugly time in American history - truly twisted-  that one author wrote a history on how it had been variously approached and studied, in conjunction with changing social attitudes and growing historical awareness, over the years,  for any novice trying to come to grips with it.

As for the other eleven books, well, I get a headache and grow depressed just thinking of it all.....

See Y'All on this thread after Christmas,



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