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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 07:27 pm
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The South was decimated by the effects of the war. Check the papers of the Freedman's Bureau. How many lands were given to blacks by the US Government? No the owners were not paid.
The State Governments were run by appointed governors and Military Districts were set up. The South was under Military rule. South Carolina was run by Governors from the North. Southern whites could not hold office. The vast majority of the SC Legislature was black and few were even literate.
Whites could not vote. Many were actually turned away by Federal forces at the polls. There was no self determination. In the mean time the states were being systemically looted and bankrupted by the appointed officials and the "elected" blacks. This is not to say all of the representatives in the State Legislature were corrupt. Some like Robert Smalls of Beaufort worked hard for his fellow man.
Holding office was a form of systematized looting.
Many plantations were sold at sheriff's sales for lack of payment of unfair taxes. Many times the land was sold even when the taxes were paid! Owners were evicted at gunpoint by local sheriffs.
Many plantation owners returned to their land only to find squatters, black and white. When they tried to evict them, the Freedman's Bureau, and military occupational authorities refused to allow the landowners to evict them. Many landowners were told that not only could they not evict the squatters but they had to supply certain amounts of foodstuffs and shelter to the squatters whether they worked or not. Many landowners were forced to allow their land to go fallow.
Many northern whites who came to the South after the war, became squatters and the rightful owners had to fight sometimes for years to have these carpetbaggers evicted.
In some cases they described themselves as "teachers" to the blacks and had the blacks working for them on some else's land!
In many areas hired labor was impossible to find. Land values plummeted, loans could not be had. There was no Federal help. Most plantations in coastal South Carolina were eventually bought by Northern Industrialists and run as private hunting preserves.
Is there any wonder that there was resentment lasting generations?
Blacks were allowed to set up State controlled local Militias, whites were not. Many whites were intimidated by these militias and in some cases run out of their communities.
Federal troops occupied most of the major cities.

The fall out from Reconstruction is even evident in the "superior" tone some of you with a northern bias are expressing.
You had better be looking in your own backyard for racial disparity, segregation and discrimination going on, even today.
The largest group of Klansmen isn't in the South, try the Mid-west. At one time even large numbers of US Congressmen and even members of the Supreme Court were members, many from the North!
What city has the highest foreclosure rate and evidence of predatory loan practices in the on going sub prime loan debacle? Not the South. Wayyyyy up North.
Face it racial discrimination occurs North and South. To try and blame the South for the evils of racial discrimination is to discriminate against the South due to someone's twisted bias.

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