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 Posted: Tue Jan 15th, 2008 05:14 pm
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I too fear the "hell in a handbasket" scenerio and I agree that the pendulum should swing, but it shows no signs... I have 2 10 and one 2. The 10 year old is a very bright young man who exudes confidence. He is the motorcycle racer...completed his 3rd season racing and has been riding for 6 years. Neither nis dad or I ever had a motorcycle..he has 2. He also enjoys the electronic dodads but he really likes being outdoors doing stuff..He has asked me several questions about the CW and I hope to take him to Shiloh before long to show him one of the places his gggg grandfathers and uncles fought..
Brennan has never sponged out a 12 pounder, but you should see him sail over would think he sprouted wings.
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The 2 year old is a hoot and will be as rambunctious as all little ones become.


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