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 Posted: Mon Mar 27th, 2006 06:55 pm
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I didn't see a topic on this, or I may have just missed it, but I do have a question concerning tracing one's ancestors.

Talking with my Mother-in-Law I discovered that one of her great-grandfathers served with the Confederate army and a Great-Uncle (or something like that, it was his brother in any case) served with the Union army.  Now, we don't know the first names of these two gentlemen, only that they came from the area around Romney (W)Va.  Her father (My wife's grandfather) pointedly did not care for anything that happened in the past so if he knew, he took it to the grave with him.   I was wondering if anyone out there would have any idea on how in the world we could narrow this down a bit.  She'd really like to know, and so would I.

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