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 Posted: Sat Feb 2nd, 2008 08:13 pm
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We all seem to have an idea of how education ought to be conducted today. I guess we've forgotten how much new stuff has been picked up since we were in K-12. More wars, including the cold one, more developments in science, theology and history than I can keep up with, and we expect the schools to keep up? C'mon guys and gals, we have difficulty keeping up and we still expect them to read, write, cipher and think?

What our children learn was never intended to be a function of the Federal Government. At the very least, can we expect them to read, write and cipher? Before they are dumped into the real world? As I understand it, this is the essence of "No Child Left Behind." Fraught with hope and woefully missing the whole idea of education, isn't at least the basics that we expect?

Guess I have the advantage that my parents expected me to swallow whatever the teacher was trying to teach -- some basic grounding in that wherever I wanted to go, they wouldn't be speaking a foreign language.

I've gotten into the idea that local control has outlived its time. But I haven't gotten to the point that the Feds know what is best. We've become much to accustomed to the idea that the government knows what is best. We are realizing (well, many of us) that the government has no idea of where to go from here.

So I'm rather fond of the chit system wherein it again becomes the responsibility of the parent to send the kid(s) to a competitive school that is not run by Congress or President. Choice. Vive la marketplace!



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