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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2008 04:43 pm
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Grant a butcher lets consider the source mrs. Lincoln was a wee bit off cilter lets not forget. Did Grant loose lots of men yes but he won battles and that is what saved the union. Going to look some stuff up and add to this later.

ok did a little research here , first be sure to check out this site

I quote from the opening page "The Battle of the Wilderness cost the Union Army of the Potomac nearly 7,000 more casualties than their Southern counterpart.  Confederate General Robert E. Lee had successfully withstood and repelled the Union assaults that would begin the bloodiest campaign of this already bloody war. Although Lee lost 11,000 to Grants 18,000, the question was for how long Lee's Army could withstand such losses.  While the Federals could replace the men lost during such fights, Lee could not. Despite the scale of death and injury, Ulysses S. Grant would not repeat the pattern of previous eastern generals. He would not withdraw, reorganize, refit, and plan. Grant ordered his Army to move around Lee's right and push south, guaranteeing another collision with his veteran gray nemesis. Despite the horrific casualties and scenes of mutilation with wounded men burning alive amidst the Wilderness fires, men in blue cheered when Grant ordered the move towards Richmond. They understood their new leader would show the determination to finish this fight."


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