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 Posted: Thu Feb 7th, 2008 05:52 am
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Ah, General Clewell, 

Please let me point out that while I may have played "devil's advocate" and discussed the topic,  I never condoned calling Grant a butcher.  Never have;  although I'm not saying I never will. 

What I have protested is his leaving his men on the field to die.  While he and Lee were both stubborn about it,  Lee made it clear:  ask for a truce, as is the way it is done (or, "as is customary"), and Grant just couldn't bring himself to do that until it was much too late to accomplish anything positive by his stubborness.

OK, I understand your point abut 19th century standards.  But again, I ask, did any other respected general of the CW behave this particular way?   Refuse to ask for a truce to collect his wounded?  I think that was pecular to Grant.

Good discussion, I am enjoying it!  Thank you!


(Oh, yeah - I have to look up some of that stuff about his refusing to backtrack.  As I understand it,  that actually was a quirk.) 


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