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 Posted: Thu Feb 7th, 2008 09:09 pm
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While Grant holds his lines of communication and supply, the Overland Campaign is a failure. His objective was to get in between Lee and Richmond and force Lee out into the open where Lee can be fought without entrenchments and beaten. Grant fails at this."

Furgurson said that!? Glad I haven't read that one yet. Clewell couldn't find his defrib and I don't have one.
I disagree with much of this.

As do I. Ain't saying Grant was the reincarnation of Napoleon, but from the day he set off he was pushing Lee back to Richmond. I 'spect he'd have liked to have done it quicker, but he did do it without going back to refit and resupply.

Grant maintains the initiative throughout the campaign. Lee is constantly reacting. The movement around Richmond and across the James is a brilliant feat. It is not the army that Grant is ignorant of, it is the army leadership's almost total lack of imagination, iniatative and agility.
What you said. Grant had a chance in the west to pick and choose and develop his lieutenants. And it is likely true that he was trying to pick his way through his subcommanders, but it a bit egregious to propose that he didn't know his soldier!


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