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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2008 01:56 am
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Whew. Thanks, Michael. I feel better about debates with you now. You just never know.

I like most of your rebuttals. Let me rebut (huh?) one or two:

But the army that Grant commands is not the AofP that McClellan created. The three year men that Grant inherited are going home, or have already left. Add to this the losses by McClellan, Pope, Hooker, and Meade, and you have little left. Hence, Grant calls on the reinforcements defending Washington, D.C.

True, but even with the newer crop of troops, he still takes them to Petersburg and subsequently to Appomattox. I suggest commander and grunt knew each other well enough to get the job done. What does the previous history of the AofP have to do with it anyway?

I thought Lee pulled his artillery because he though Grant was again moving to the southeast? That maybe a faulty memory on my part. Does not Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Harbor show that Lee did have some understanding of Grant? I believe any General can have moments of lapses of judgement

I believe you are correct about Lee's artillery at Spotsylvania and I used that as an illustration to counter the lack of Grant's artillery at Cold Harbor comment. But doesn't that really show Lee doesn't quite have a grasp on this man Grant? Lee's not used to an AofP commander who continues to move forward. Lee removing all his artillery was a blunder whether viewed in foresight, hindsight, nearsight or farsight. And if it's true that any general can have lapses of judgment (with which I agree) then can we consider the Cold Harbor episode a lapse in Grant's judgment? Does he also have to be a butcher, too? Trouble is, these lapses in judgment do cost lives, no matter who the commander.

But is the Grant of 1862 the same Grant of 1864? Yes, I know, and old argument.

If Grant is going up against Johnston, it probably doesn't matter which Grant shows up. But that's also why I qualified the post with 'aggressive' Grant.

Michael, while I've got you here, let me ask you something off topic. I recently saw a DVD called 'The Prince of Dark Corners' about Major Lewis Redmond. I've been in NC more than 30 years and never heard a word about him until now. Absolutely fascinating. Just wondered, since you're in western NC, if there's much lore about him your way. We can start a new thread on this or you can PM me, since I really don't want to detract from the thread we've got going. Thanks.

Besides, I sense Joanie is stalking us.

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