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 Posted: Fri Feb 8th, 2008 02:27 am
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Good golly! I take the time to compose a post and you guys get way ahead of me.

Couple things caught my eye. The roads and paths in the wilderness and points south were not designed for infantry, let alone artillery. Horses and carriages and limbers and caissons and such slowed down troop movements.

But the army that Grant commands is not the AofP that McClellan created. The three year men that Grant inherited are going home, or have already left. Add to this the losses by McClellan, Pope, Hooker, and Meade, and you have little left. Hence, Grant calls on the reinforcements defending Washington, D.C.

Forgot who posted this. Grant was not the same man, his army was not the same army. Some of the men Grant inherited are going home. Some were not. And the army had learned to fill regiments rather than create new ones. And a good many of the veterans on line had developed (shall we say surly?) attitudes. Meanwhile, I suspect that Lee's army was not the same either. They were all tired of getting kicked around, not to mention being hungry and ill-equipped while all that was going on. Somehow Grant took a dispirited army against an army they were more or less afraid of. And they followed him. At that point the AotP began to see the end.


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