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 Posted: Sat Feb 9th, 2008 12:23 am
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"Which brings me to this: If that truly was the custom, and if Lee could claim victory after the battle of Cold Harbor, then wouldn't it be incumbent upon Lee within that custom to be the one to care for the wounded and the burial of the dead? I suspect it's a little more complex than that — both lines remained static after the battle, Lee may have felt like the victor but Grant never gave ground and certainly didn't feel vanquished, and he's still got that nagging 'truce' clause to deal with."

I'm really surprised that this is causing so much controversy.  I know that I have read numerous accounts of truces to collect the dead and wounded.  I like to read first-hand accounts from soldiers, maybe that is why, as I'm not remembering any specific accounts; but I do remember that I've read accounts of how the soldiers of both sides would intermingle during such times.  Perhaps, as someone suggested, truces were often called at a lower lever than by the generals. 

But I am cetain that, when both sides remained present, it was customary for a truce to be called, with each side responsible for it's own men.  And that, as with G-Burg, the "victors" were responsible for the dead and wounded only after the opposing army physically vacated the premises.

At this point, I really can't accept that Lee had any blame for Grant's men being left to die - Grant knew what needed to be done and he wouldn't do it.

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