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 Posted: Sat Feb 9th, 2008 11:07 pm
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"On June 5, Grant DID ask Lee if he could recover his dead and dying. Lee rebuffed him twice until he could get Grant to ask for a truce, wording which implied that Grant had lost the field."

Back to this!  Will someone please tell me where it says that asking for a truce to collect the dead and wounded is the equivalent of losing the field?  I've read that perhaps Grant felt it was in this particular instance - after all, he was Unconditional Surrender Grant, so his thinking might have been skewed like that. 

Also - Grant was the only one who had any dead and dying to recover, and he kept ignoring that fact, and refusing to follow protocal.  Saying to Lee, in essence,  Golly gee, we both have dead and wounded, what say we go get them, old chap.  Not the way to deal with Lee.

Please reconsider my point that Lee would have been humoring Grant and looking out for the well-being of Grant's men when Grant himself wouldn't do so - each of which would have been counter-productive to Lee's war effort.  But, Had Grant followed protocal, Lee would have certainly allowed him to care for his men.  Grant was just trying to weasle out of any blame he thought he might have incurred.

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