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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2008 02:27 am
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Still working my way through older replies....

"I also found this, which comes from the post-war diary of Cpl. M. Harrison Strong of the 72nd Illinois. Strong fought under Grant at Donelson, Shiloh and Vicksburg, but never made close contact with Grant until he became an acting adjutant on Grant's staff: 'Another thing that makes me want to hit someone is this notion of Grant the butcher. Nothing could be further from his character. It was exactly the opposite of what he was inside. His goodness was extreme. But he was always alone, totally alone and seemingly lonesome. He bore a terrific, awful responsibility all by himself.'

Not all of Grant's men thought he was bad."

Yeah, but I bet we could go one-for-one with this; you come up with a supportive quote, I come up with a negative one....

"Grant is fighting to preserve the Union. Invasion? What invasion? Grant was trying to quell a rebellion. (This one could lead to about 100 different threads, 50 of them by Joanie alone)."

Granted (there's a pun in there somewhere).  So let's let sleeping dogs lie with that one, until I'm feeling just downright ornery, anyway.

"I know that and made reference to that in a previous post. But it was mentioned that the losses at Cold Harbor damaged the Northern war effort, and I don't see how. I mentioned the support the AofP gave Lincoln to illustrate that even though the army suffered horrendous casualties, it still voted overwhelmingly to keep the present administration and thus continue its war aims. I don't see that as damage to the war effort."

OK, now this is another thread.  It could get a bit broader is scope, I'm sure.  You know what to do, General Clewell...

"Don't I know it, brother. It's aggravating how often I have to surrender the 'puter to QVC research. :("

Try having a 15-year-old-daughter with over 20,000 friends on MySpace (no exageration) - the deal is, if she gets straight A's and fulfills two healthy extra-curriclar activities a week, I don't limit her computer time.  I lose.

I'll try for a bit more substance in my next post, must relinquish the computer again....

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