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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2008 03:00 pm
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The command structure of the Union Army was awkward, to say the least, with Grant, Meade and, uh...Burnside.  The subject would probably be better served on another thread.

I came across this letter written by Meade to his wife on the evening of June 1st. 1864 and thought it interesting.  Here's a portion of it:

We are pegging away here, and gradually getting nearer and nearer to Richmond, although its capture is yet far off.  Our advance is within two miles of Mechanicsville, which, if you remember, is the place where the fighting commenced in Seven Days.  The rebs keep taking up strong positions and entrenching themselves.  This compels us to move around their flank, after trying to find some weak points to attack.  This operation has now occurred four times, namely, crossing the Rapidan, at Old Wilderness, at Spotsylvania Court House, and recently at North Anna.  We shall have to do it once more before we get them into their defenses at Richmond, and then will begin the tedious process of a quasi-siege, like that at Sebastopol; which will last as long, unless we can get hold of their railroads and cut off their supplies, when they must come out and fight.

Whilst I am writing the cannon and musketry are rattling all over our lines, over five miles in extent, but we have become so accustomed to these sounds that we hardly notice them.

The papers are giving Grant all the credit of what they call successes; I hope they will remember this if anything goes wrong.

Always interested in letters to wives.  Some of Little Mac's are prizes too.




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