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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2008 10:17 pm
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Growing up if you had asked me about war movies I would have said Back to Bataan, They were Expendable, Cry Havoc, and Thirty Seconds over Tokyo. I think I saw each of these movies every time they were on tv growing up.  All were made in the 40's during the war and were basically gung ho support the war movies.  Cry Havoc was about women in war.    When I went to the show in the 50's I would have said Sabre Jet or Men of the Fighting Lady.  Then I saw the Longest Day at Carthy Circle in Los Angeles.  Field trip for one of my high school groups I think.   I was amazed that everyone spoke the language they actually would have spoken. 

Last modern war movie I saw was Platoon .  I almost broke my boyfriends hand I was twitching so much .  The date flashed on the screen at one point was the date a good college friend had been killed. 

Now I only watch Civil War or Western battles. The others are too close to home.

War films. . . Diary of Anne Frank


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