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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2008 10:19 pm
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Oswald was the lone shooter. The movie "JFK" is an example of excellent film-making, but most of the assertions made by it are absurd and completely false.

I can't remember which history channel program I watched that had the quote, it might have been the one you watched, but it summed it up well. If you put the holocaust on one side of the scales and the nazis on the other side, it adds up. Worlds greatest crime, worlds greatest villains. You do the same with Kennedy and Oswald it does not add up. The president of the United States and a nobody.

People see a conspiracy because they WANT to see a conspiracy, not because the facts are there to support it. A conspiracy is exciting, entertaining, fun to contemplate. To some, it even makes more sense in that it makes the death meaningful in some way-instead of the truth which is one nutjob just deciding to kill the president and doing so.  

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