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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 01:04 am
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I Cant By Oswald as the Lone gunman but I dont go as far as the conspiracy deal of the Mob, CIA , ECT. just think that Oswald did not have the Contacts to pull this off alone course security wasnt as tight as now and I know he could of made the shot from the records of his marine shootin scores. If there was a shooter on the grassy Knoll think that person was in on it with Oswald, just cant see him getting the whole thing done by himself. Plus I have been a hunter since i was legal and followed my grandfather and Dad before that I have seen many things shot and victims that are shot from behind do not react the way Kennedy's body did that day plus if you shoot something the exit wound comes from the opposite direction not the same direction. The body may move in many different directions like the show sunday states but the exit wound shown on the Zapruder films look like the shot comes from the front maybe it how the body moves ect.

Now i do not believe in flying saucers , the lock ness monster, esp or what ever but did Oswald act alone I am not 100 percent convinced.

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