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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 02:18 am
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I think I agree with everybody... I have a hard time swallowing the lone gunman, and then the assassanation of Oswald 2 days later... I was a HS senior when all this was happening and remember it vividly.

I think Oswald had to have had some logistical help, but it could have been innocent help. the grassy knoll... I really don't know about that. Technology seems to suggest that there was not a shot there and technology seems to be able to explain away the Zapruder film's inconsistancies including the way the president's body behaved after the fatal shot, as well as the magic bullet theory

JFK was, IMHO a silly nonsense film that did nothing but confuse a generation of folks who get all their historical information from the movies and Tee Vee ("If it wasn't true, they couldn't show it, could they?")

At the same time, my trust in all things governmental is pretty fact almost invisible.. Feds have been proven too many times of lying just to keep in practice, so a healthy dose of skepticism is practical.

Like Johan, I have no great faith in the manlicher. One in good condition can definitely get multiple rounds down the same range, the same day and they will all impact in the general direction of "over yonder" so why would a Marine Marksman use one, and good Lord, how on earth did it perform the way it did? He had access to 1903A3's for about $10.00 in those days..real rifles or Mausers or Enfields for about the same price.. I can remember bins full of military surplus rifles for $9.99 at K-mart

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