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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 05:30 pm
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No conspiracy whatsoever. I've duplicated-- bettered the timing and hit the target 3 for 3 versus 2 for 3 with the same model rifle and German scope Oswald used and I'm no big shooter. And it was three shots he fired.  Granted my target was at the distance of the third shot and not moving but then Kennedy's car had nearly come to a stop when the head shot was fired.  The Manlicher-Carcano isn't the hunk of junk that the conspiracy nuts want us to believe, while not a great rifle it could do the job.

The Posner book mentioned above is essentially all you need to read. Maybe there are issues with the details of Posner and the Warren Commission but the basic facts are and have always been correct in both.

If you think Ruby is the key to the conspiracy, that is just wrong. Oswald would have been gone and transferred before Ruby arrived at the Police Station had Oswald not asked for his sweater. While the sweater was retrieved his departure was delayed and that gave Ruby the time he needed to get there after sending a Western Union telegram. So if Ruby is part of a conspiracy to kill Oswald, Oswald was a participant too by delaying his own departure.

To answer the question, I've always been fascinated with this crime as well. As to Kennedy's going back and to the rear as Kevin Costner kept pointing out, people who are shot in the head and have their whole nervous system shot out of their head at once, well, their bodies don't react just one way. But looking at the Zapruder film it is obvious that the blood and brain matter are going forward from the exit wound in Kennedy's head.

The Kennedy conspiracy guys also don't like to mention that the Dallas police immediately identified in the recordings of their radio traffic where the shots came from and they zeroed in on the TSBD immediately. Not to mention the people who saw the rifle coming out the window and the man below the window who distinctly counted all the shots and heard the expended casings as they hit the floor.

Sorry a little ego maniac killed Kennedy, people don't wish it to be true but it is what it is.

Also the coke machine in the TSBD was a bottle machine not a cup machine.

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