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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2008 10:18 pm
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Sorry Ole,
I just can't buy your arguemnt that the advantages offered by the minnie were overblown. All shooters have a zone of confidence and it is rarely at the limits of the weapon, but consider if you are an average shot..your zone of confidence with a smoothbore and round ball may well be 50 yes or less.In some cases much less...try shooting one and tell me how you did.

Now you have a rifled musket shootin a minnie..your zone of confidence may be 150 to 200 yards... now you ccan shoot the bad guy before he can even think about shooting you.... you are gonna be iffy about this..not me, I am gonna jump up and down; hoot and holler..

Now you get lucky enough to have a Sharps or Spencer...Hot damn, I can get rid of my ramrod because this puppy is a breech loader...and it is rifled and it shoots a cartridge...metallic more powder measure..
Now I can load multiple rounds and shoot lots of bad guys..those suckers ain't gonna get me... think that would be kinda importhat for the foot soldier who is expected to do most of the bleedin and dying..

The war began with one level of weapon and ended with an entirely different level of weapon. These were HUGE advances in weaponry and led to the "modern era" Colt Peacemaker and Winchester repeating rifle. Those guns, as we all know allowed John Wayne and Roy Rogers to tame the West and kiss all the horses while patting the girls on the head..or something like that...

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