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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 06:23 am
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I just can't buy your arguemnt that the advantages offered by the minnie were overblown. All shooters have a zone of confidence and it is rarely at the limits of the weapon, but consider if you are an average shot..your zone of confidence with a smoothbore and round ball may well be 50 yes or less.In some cases much less...try shooting one and tell me how you did.

OK. "Overblown" is overstated. But let's say I have confidence enough in my aim to take a shot at a target at 50 yards with a smoothbore. Is the more accurate rifled musket going to to extend that distance significantly? Not by much for me. I would have had little knowledge of groups and such, only in the bead I could acuire -- anything more is sharpshooter stuff.

"The bead I could acquire" might be at the heart of what I'm trying to say. The extended range of the rifled musket doesn't change at all the range at which I can feel confident of hitting anything I aimed at. Now, volley fire might be at a more extended range, but putting the effect of much-improved accuracy into the hands of the individual grunt was not all that dramatic.

There's a lot of fluff about country boys being familiar with firearms and therefore better marksmen. It's probably true that the country boy knew how to load and care for a longarm. And he likely could drop a bird or a rabbit with a scattergun; but none of that automatically makes him a sharpshooter.

So. How about "overstated"?


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