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 Posted: Wed Feb 20th, 2008 12:32 am
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This subject has been debated for years, but I wonder if any of y'all would like to share their opinions about it anyway??? Was Dan Sickles "right" to advance his corps to the Emmittsburg Road position or should he have deployed on the ground assigned to him by Meade and maintained the integrity of the union line? I have heard good arguments for and against his movement and would like to her what my esteemed colleagues here have to say.

Sickle's original postion (along the ground near the Weikert House) was, indeed, on low ground, but he would have had the support of or been able to support the union line. However, his deployment "supposedly" threw a monkey wrench into Lee's plan to attack "up the Emmittsburg Road" by being where he was not expected to be.

IMHO, I think Sickles' movement endangered the AoP's position on Cemetery Ridge and, if it had not been for some skillful leadership and the courage of the union troops that day, might have been disastrous fro the AoP.

What say you??? 

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