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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 11:40 am
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Joe Johnston was a hard man to like.  He had this nasty habit of writing very long and very critical letters to his superiors - especially Jefferson Davis.  These letters started when he was not made the highest ranking officer in the Confederacy on day one and never stopped.

He also had another maddening character trait.  Everything had to be perfect for him to engage his troops.  War is not perfect.  So he was the master of excuses and defensive manuevers.  The defense of Atlanta was not the only place where this trait was exhibited.  He also sat with an army in Jackson, Mississippi and never came to the aid of Pemberton in Vicksburg.

Terry Winschel had the best story to explain Johnston's character.  It actually involved an incident after the War.  Johnston was an excellent shot - maybe the best marksman in the Confederate officer ranks.  One time E. Porter Alexander, Grover Cleveland and Johnston went on a duck hunting trip.  At the end of the day Alexander and Cleveland each had a boat load of birds (before the days of limits). And Johnston?  He didn't have a one.  Never had the perfect shot.

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