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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 01:14 pm
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I'm a big fan of Sword's work. It is well mentioned here. But what has always influenced me is how the men who served under generals thought of them. Johnston was adored while Hood & Bragg were despised... at the very least. Another telling factor is what an enemy thinks of a man. Both Generals and private soldiers on the other side of the line respected the man.

Davis's fanatical loyalty to his friends and blind hatred of any he considered an enemy is quite telling in his relationship w/ Bragg/Hood/Johnston. I started out as a big fan of JEJ; but after years of study I see a general and a man fighting for a cause he wasn't completely on board w/ and a man who was totaly disapointed w/ his new govt. He genuinely cared for his troops and did what he could to minimze their pain and frankly he did a good job at that. Hood's first two attacks outside Atlanta were JEJ's plan, not Hoods.

In the end I have come to see JEJ as a flawed general and a flawed man. I think he did his best under trying, at best, circumstances.

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