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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2008 01:21 pm
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As a note JEJ @ Vicksburg... Pemberton was well and truly boxed in. Any breakout attempt would have been brutally costly and it's chances of success were no better than Grants attempts to get in. JEJ faced a similar problem, if he tried to break into Vicksburg he might just have been forced into the works w/ Pembertons Army and faced the same fate merely prolonging the siege in the process.

So he opted for a third tactic; gather enough men to seriously threaten Grant's army, forcing it to break off the siege & consolidate thus lifting the siege. How succesful he might have been is a big what if; one that likely wouldn't have mattered as Grant's Army was ready to go over the top and storm Vicksburg if Pemberton hadn't surrendered. In some places the trenches were only 5 yards apart w/ men throwing trash & other... unsundry things into each others trenches. In shortGrant almost certainly could have taken Vicksburg had Pemberton not given up the city.

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