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 Posted: Sat Feb 23rd, 2008 02:11 pm
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I wonder if any of you have come across the instance where JEJ sent a detailed plan of his ops to Davis and read it in the Richmond papers a couple days later? I believe he never did so again because he believed, w/ some cause, that Davis would sabatoge any move he made. I believe he came to firmly believe this later in the Western theatre when he saw that Davis treated the Western Armies as red headed step children compared to the press heavy ANV. JEJ didn't trust Davis, w/ reason IMO and their dislike for each other predates the CW by a LONG time. As I said I started out my studies a big fan of JEJ and a fan of Davis. My opinion of JEJ has slid downward considerably, but I think I can still respect the man. Davis... I have come to believe was an opportunistic politician w/ his eyes on the prize from a young age and little more.

W/in Co Aytch there is a scathing mention of Hood by Sam Watkins, it is that along w/ others Sword included in his works and it is quite consistant w/ the other opinions of Hood I've read by CS soldiers. I believe Sword has been fair in his treatment of the CS generals in the west. Hood was a superb Brigade Commander, maybe a good Division commander... anything past that he was out of his league. Any other general but a crony of Davis would have been keelhauled after his actions around Atlanta. JEJ lost Atlanta and was sacked for losing how many men and realisticly losing no battles. Hood is praised for not winning a single battle & losing how many men? Is it any wonder why the men who served under both commanders prefferred JEJ? Perhaps if Hood had led the charge at Franklin and been killed he would be idolized today. I just don't see Hood as anything more than a brave fool w/ a politicking mind and a level of arrogance that got far too many of his men killed.

Hood can offer up no excuse for his actions at Franklin, it was an incompetant action at best. I don't by the arrogance or drug induced arguments. I see only glaring incompetance in his action. Hood was a man who knew full well the effect of strong entrenchemnts. If he did not, again there can only be glaring incompetance as he had seen their effect force multiplying effect on numerous occasions, from both sides of the line.

Hood destroyed the CS AoT; gutted it at Franklin and allowed it to be destroyed at Nashville. Yet Davis never drew up court martial papers for Hood or Bragg (who was every bit as incompetant as Hood) instead he praised them.

I wouldn't trust anything by Davis any further than I can throw it.

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