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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2008 10:25 pm
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For me JEJ is a giant when compared to the likes of Hood & Bragg. When you look to Bragg prior to JEJ and Hood after... JEJ looks quite competant. Frankly the least bad of a patheticly bad batch. My opinion of Hood was not shaped by Sword but by a variety of independent sources. I'm quite capable of reading and frankly, I'm getting sorely tired of the assumption that I don't respect Hood for what Sword said or didn't say about the man.

Davis was often contemptuos of the men in the west, probably because they failed to win victories under cronies he appointed over them. I think the men were quite aware of it and they certainly didn't appear to love the man for it. Hood had several monthes to make a good impression before he took command of the whole army; he failed in short he wasn't a stranger just suddenly brought in and put in command.

Couple years ago I read McMurray's work on JEJ and that went a long way in my re-appraisal of the man followed by Castel, Daniel & Woodworth. I blame Connie Boone for getting me started on that particular path. I don't idolize JEJ, don't really even despise Hood as I don't think anyone can question his battlefield bravery. I firmly believe he was out of his class from Corps command on up and I believe Allatoona simply cements that. I tend to stick w/ the words of the men at the time and as I said I can't recall finding much if any praise by the men who served under him. And the praise by his opponents was not for Hood but for his men; constantly demanded to do the mission imposibles as French called it and doing their damndest to do so. And Hood... repeatedly and again in the end blaming his men for his failure. I don't care what General officer does it, I don't see a reason to respect or excuse them for it.

My number of 30k includes: killed, wounded & missing (all causes from captured to unauthorized leave) In July & August Hospital Admissions for the AoT were just shy of 16,000 as wounded w/ killed about 2,000 w/ approx 10,000 missing from all causes. Less than 30k but not by a whole lot. I've been told Georgia Militia losses were not counted by Hood in an effort to lessen his casualties (I don't pretend to know if that is true but I wouldn't doubt it) and his casualty reports very rarely tabulate w/ the numbers reported as buried by his enemy. Blame Newton for my numbers... enough math to give anybody a screaming headache and if they're off I'd be more likely to blame me for doing a poor job of transcribing them from my shabby notes.

As a further note... hold till the November elections hoping a war weary US would sue for peace if Lincoln lost. That speaks volume about Davis & Hoods strategy does it not? If that's true JEJ was doing just that w/ considerably less casualties than Hood.

My 2 cents... and Eric; ramble on.

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