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 Posted: Thu Feb 28th, 2008 01:13 am
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I wish Eric would have sat beside me in my high school math class and I might have made better than a C!  In all the years I have fussed to the world about Sword, the erroneous casualty "formula" he used for the TN Campaign eluded me...until Eric caught it.  So there's no shame in Eric finding someone's math error"-)

I agree with you on Johnston at Bentonville.  Although I sound like I'm condemning him for attacking when he wrote in his book that everything after the TN Campaign was hopeless, I realize that he was trying a last ditch Hail Mary, just like Hood at Franklin/Nashville.  I think Hood and Johnston got too involved with arguing after the war when really they had some things in common...namely each gave his all (and then some) when they came to the end.  It just bugs me that Hood's words and deeds often appear to be held to a different standard by scholars and authors...and that was the only point I was trying to make.

And by the way, I am not a blind anti-Johnston zealot (not that you or anyone in this forum said I was)...I defend him when I think he was right.  One example is his retreat down the Virginia peninsula in 1862.  It was the correct thing to do.  Davis fussed about it but in that case Davis was wrong and Old Joe was my opinion.

Throughout this forum you have indeed consistently acknowledged Hood's personal courage, and praised his work as a brigade and division commander.  (Although Val Giles of the Texas Brigade wondered "if Hood made the Texas Brigade or the Texas Brigade made Hood":-)  Hood probably was in over his head as an army commander, but he stayed with the cause when he could have retired and been praised to this very day as a Confederate hero.  Like Eric said, he didn't help himself much when he picked up a pen.  But then again, he was only 32 and 33 years old whe he was writing his Official Reports and correspondance.  He had no excuse for some things he wrote in his memoirs I suppose, but he was in a public blood fued with Johnston at the time and probably embellished on some subjects.  (Like just about every CW general did to some extent in their memoirs.)

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