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 Posted: Sat Apr 22nd, 2006 05:09 pm
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   The website is not necessarily intended to be fair and balanced, rather, it IS the balance that is absent in the unbalanced fact-filtered books by Wiley Sword, James L. McDonough and the late Thomas Connelly.  Anyone studying Hood and the 1864 TN Campaign and wants to get all the historical evidence on Hood (and who shouldn't?) should read Sword's book to get everything negative ever said about Hood, and refer to the website to get what was said positive about Hood.

    By the way, as author of the website, I would appreciate your telling me exactly where in the approximately 200 pages of historical text have I made any factual errors, or editorial analysis that is unreasonable.  I will immediately correct any error.

    Finally, if the Army of Tennessee were indeed destroyed in 1864, it was William T. Sherman, John M. Schofield and George Thomas that did it.

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