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 Posted: Wed Mar 5th, 2008 04:07 pm
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Actually Henry VIII did not kill anyone.  He had it done for him by others.  His father before him had battled to get the throne from Richard III , his daughters afterward also had many people killed .  Actually Mary was even called "Bloody" Mary for the numbers she had killed.  ElizabethI had her own cousin Mary Queen of Scots beheaded because she was a rival for the throne. 

Nothing new to English Royal History.  William l fought and won the throne of England making him the first Norman King.  Maud and Stephen caused  many peopleto die  in their battle over who should rule England .  Richard I fought in the Crusades.  Richard ll is said to have died a horrible death brought about by order of Henry lV.  Henry V fought in many battles where men were killed and so it goes down through all of English History .  Henry was only one of many kings that caused death to many people.   Of course he did add the fact of changing the religion of England into that factor.


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