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 Posted: Thu Mar 6th, 2008 12:31 am
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Well dear , I have studied history and literature long before you were born.  I majored in history and minored in English Literature in the Dark Ages.  I have continued to study both subjects since then .  Henry VIII only had two wives "killed"  The first wife Catherine he divorced because she was unable to have a son .  She had one daughter, Mary, and miscarried.  His second wife Anne Bolyn he accused of Treason and that is why she was beheaded.  True after the first child Elizabeth she did not have any more children.  The next wife Jane Seymour died after her son was born.  He then married Anne of Cleaves whose portait did not give a true picture of what she really looked like.  They had been married by proxy .  When Henry saw her he could not live with her.  They agreed to a divorce .  She lived the rest of her whole life as a "sister " to Henry.  She was very well treated as such in court.  Catherine Parr was another beheaded.  Again being a cousin of Anne Bolyn she plotted with others in the court against Henry.  Had nothing to do with her not having children let alone boys.  He had his heir by now, young Edward.   The last of the wives was Catherine Howard.  She outlived Henry .  Seems they got along quite  well .  Of course by then he was bloated and ill most of the time. 

I see nothing cool about having your wives beheaded even though they were plotting against him.  As to being "deadly history to the extreme"  Not sure what you mean.  There were other rulers that were more violent .  Ivan the terrible was no softy .  Then there are the Roman emperors.  . . . 

I watch plenty of mysteries and read many mystery writers.  I know the difference between reality and fantasy .  CSI is so not real but that is a horse of a dfferent color.

Keep reading and studying you will never know everything.  The more I read the more I know that there is more to know. 


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