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 Posted: Thu Mar 6th, 2008 02:20 pm
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Johan from  what I have read on Catherine she was a strong Catholic queen.  She had been engaged to Arthur , Henry's older brother .  This would have been a strong alliance with Spain .  When Arthur died of course the two countries did not want to lose that alliance so she was married to young Henry who was the ideal of the young prince at the time.  The bloated king we see is the later Henry.   When she only gave him a daughter and then seemed to be unable to bring a child to term he tried to divorce her using the charge she had been married to his older brother and therefore his marriage to her was not legal.  She fought him all the way.

The Church of England was formed and Henry got his divorce (way too short an explination but works for now.)

She remained in England her whole life.  Kept a Catholic household and raised her daughter to be a Catholic monarch also.  She also never faultered in her belief that she was still the true wife of Henry.  That takes a strong woman.  I have to admit I have never read a whole book just on Catherine.  Most of my knowledge of her is secondary to Elizabeth or Henry or books on the six wives.  Antonia Frasier has a good book as does Allison Weir on the wives. 

The reign of the Tudors is an interesting period of history.  Strong rulers , age of exploration in sciene and literature as well as the world.  The time of Raliegh and Drake, Shakespeare , Bacon , Marlowe ( just how did HE die? Was he a Spy?) The rise of the great Theatres,  Growth of the Merchant class.  I would have to look at my books to find more information .  The books are not as used now that I have started the study of the Civil War and by that I mean the AMERICAN Civil War . 


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