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 Posted: Tue Apr 25th, 2006 07:11 pm
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 By the way, as author of the website, I would appreciate your telling me exactly where in the approximately 200 pages of historical text have I made any factual errors, or editorial analysis that is unreasonable.  I will immediately correct any error.


I never said it wasn't thouroughly researched. I haven't read all 200 pages but have read most of it and it is no doubt biased. But you explained your reasoning for that bias in your post.


  Finally, if the Army of Tennessee were indeed destroyed in 1864, it was William T. Sherman, John M. Schofield and George Thomas that did it.

I would call the loss of 15,000 men (which was over half of the effectives) and six promising generals, including Cleburne, "destroyed". His frontal assault at Franklin and his idea to lay siege to Nashville were nothing short of stupid. All one has to do is read the battle reports written by Hood of the Atlanta and the Nashville campaigns to see that all he did was blame his failures on others. Your website makes an interesting and convincing argument that he was not on laudanum. If that is true, and you have me convinced, then he has no excuse for the stupid mistakes he made while in command of the Army of Tennesee.

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