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 Posted: Wed Apr 26th, 2006 03:53 pm
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The thread about the John Bell Hood website was starting to turn into a Franklin thread, so I figured I'd open one. I have a question for Eric, SamHood, or anyone else who knows the area well. Other questions, comments, etc. about Franklin can be placed here as well.

As you know there is currently a boy's club, or possibly a YMCA, adjacent to the Carter House on the north side. From Eric's book and other sources, I understand there were Carter House outbuildings north of the house. So am I correct in assuming that these outbuildings were on the land where the YMCA sits now? And if so, would that put Opdycke's location (before plugging the hole) in the parking lot of the old mall that is adjacent to the YMCA on the north? I realize it's minutae, but I like to picture things the way they were :)

Also, the south side of the old Pizza Hut property featues a sharp drop-off of 5-10 feet. Would you say that's the exact location of that section of the outer works?

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