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 Posted: Sat Mar 15th, 2008 08:32 am
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"After all it is just entertainment."

Amen, Brother.  Having spent years doing masters-level research in a biochem/molecular biology lab, watching things like CSI and other "science-based" shows and movies can be a real crack-up.  But, I keep my mouth shut, it's entertainment!!!  I HATE watching movies and shows meant for entertainment with people whom consider themselves experts in the field at hand.  I watched "House" a couple weeks ago with a guy (from the medical field) whom had a pile of medical books on the coffee table in order to critique the "disease-of-the-episode"; he kept interrupting the rapier-wit dialouge to correct the medical prodcedures.  I'll never watch House with him again unless he puts a gag on it!  At least save it for the commercials, Bro....after all, the medicine is totally secondary to plot....


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