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 Posted: Sat Mar 29th, 2008 01:34 am
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My 2 cents

Meade was one of the Great Generals that I believe was underscored because Grant felt he had to travel with Meades army to keep Meade in line so to say. Gettysburg was a great Victory to the Union and Meade. As far as pursuing Lee back into Virgina he may have been a bit slow but as stated above his army was in no better shape than Lee's Army was after the battle. Of course Lincoln and his Generals could find nothing but fault with this issue. Lincoln had finally found a commander who did not run from the battlefield and won him a Victory on Northern Soil. A defeat here at that time of the war may have had the results of brining France and England into the picture and fully recognize the Southern States as it's own country. Meade performed well in all his battles as Division and Corps commander. It is true as we have read he was known as
Old Snapping Turtle because of his mean side but he was a quality General. At his counsil of war in Gettysburg he was accused, after the fact, of wanting to retreat by some of his subordinates. A good General always listens to the men below them and ask for their opinon of the situation and then makes an educated decision from that. Grant did finally pen up Bobby Lee but with high casualties. If I would accredit any one bringing the war to the end I would have to go with Sherman who had the guts and therefore the glory to stomp through Southern Soil and make the South pay.
He did this while Grant was bogged down in front of Lee's Army so I really dont see a lot of credit here going to Grant. I think the final plans for the end of the war were probably Shermans Ideas and Grant just went along with them cause he had no better ones. As for Meade we will never know if he would have come to greatness but one thing for sure he would have never done it under the apron of Grant since Grant and not Meade was calling the shots for the AOP.

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