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 Posted: Sun Mar 30th, 2008 01:00 am
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Don, I enjoyed it, not because Kilpatrick was a great general, but because he was such a character. It amazes me that someone with so many flaws could be promoted to and keep positions of such responsibility and whose decisions actually cost lives...hence the sobriquet "Kill Cavalry" 

I also enjoyed the rivalry between George Armstrong Custer and Kilpatrick especially over women. I guess I was naive having had no idea such antics went on in army camps between officers where others of lower ranks could see and gossip about it.

Yet Kilpatrick was involved in vital campaigns and battles, so reading about him is also an examination of the part of the war he was involved in. I'm interested in the Atlanta Campaign and Sherman's end game after Atlanta and beyond. Kilpatrick was part of that.

May I suggest another book to read in tandem with Kilpatrick? I just finished an equally interesting work: A Soldier to the Last: Major General Joseph Wheeler in Blue and Gray by Edward G Longacre.

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