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 Posted: Sun Mar 30th, 2008 02:44 am
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Hello all, I'm new to this discussion board, love this chat thread.
Gettysburg has quite a hold on my imagination, Living in California, it's hard to do much battlefield touring, and Gettysburg is the only one I've been to. I love reading any text with good maps to try and visualize movements and events on the field as I remember it. Needless to say, "Maps of Gettysburg" by Gottfried was quite a treat. Sears, Pfanz, and Coddington have also fed my jones in their turn. I've never had the opportunity to read Imhof's "Gettysburg, A Study in Maps" Heard it's really expensive. Has anyone seen it or know of one for sale?
I got my degree in History from UCLA (Go Bruins!) and for historical writing that just sets my hair on end, both from the perspective of narrative and rigorous research, nothing beats McPherson's "Battle Cry of Freedom" and Rhea's books on the Overland Campaign. Can't wait for his next one.

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