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 Posted: Sun Mar 30th, 2008 09:18 pm
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Hmmm... as with Ashbel my favourite subject does tend to be whatever I'm currently interested in at the moment. But I think there are two trends.

As my main interest has always been politics, if I can find a book relating to political events or manoeuvring during or before the war I will devour it - especially if I can compare and contrast it with contemporary or C20th politics. Other than Eicher's 'Dixie Betrayed', which I recommend, there seems to be few studies of the Confederacy which are strictly political (Levine's 'Confederate Emancipation' is on my pile at the moment, and is a welcome study).

For 'relaxation', I really enjoy reading stuff either about or by the common soldier: some of the latter are so well-written it is as if they are reminiscing around a fire late at night sometime in the late 19th Century. I tend not to worry so much about accuracy with these kinds of books, but just enjoy the ride. I have quite happily re-read Billings and Watkins.

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