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 Posted: Mon Apr 7th, 2008 03:37 am
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            On October 5th 1864 more than five thousand American soldiers fought a brutal three and a half hour battle that would claim a third of them as casualties.  Men from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa fought men from Texas, Missouri, Mississippi and North Carolina over an obscure mountain pass in North Georgia called Allatoona.

            Minnesota, in the form of the 4th Minnesota Infantry Regiment, gave stellar service in the defense of the post losing 19 men killed and mortally wounded and considerably more wounded.

            The battle of Allatoona is a testament to the tenacity, courage and perseverance of the American fighting man.  The men who fought and died there deserve a monument.

Today the Etowah Valley Historical Society is instrumental in the preservation of this hallowed ground.  The organization is making efforts to place a monument to the men of each state engaged in battle there.  They have already placed monuments from Texas, Missouri and Mississippi and monuments for Iowa and Illinois are in the process of being procured.  Conspicuously absent are monuments from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The Etowah Valley Historical Society expects the cost per monument to be approximately $10,000 with any excess to be applied to the upkeep of the “Monument Park.”  Each monument is a large marble slab cut into the shape of the state w/ a simple inscription memorializing the men who fought and died there.

Any donations are tax deductible as the Etowah Valley Historical Society is a not for profit organization.

It is hoped to raise these monies so that those Minnesota and Wisconsin men will never be forgotten.


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