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 Posted: Tue Apr 22nd, 2008 10:57 pm
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We visited Shiloh on Saturday.  There were two Boy Scout Troops, one Cub Scout troop, one large group from the University of Mississippi and at least 3 other large groups at the Park the same time we were.  I was thrilled (and I am not being facetious).

Here is my theory.  In order to learn about the Civil War it is very important to visit battlefields.  The more people who visit battlefields the more potential supporters we have for battlefield preservation. 

The attached picture was taken at "Bloody Pond."  (It was the same name as far as I could tell.)  Cub Scout Troop had just arrived.  I took this picture to illustrate my point.  This is a great cross section of people - 5 to 75.  When I was taking my picture one of the parents walked up to me and asked whether his group was ruining my picture.  My answer was that I was just glad to see so many people enjoying the battlefield.  (Maybe two or three or five of these boys will write about their first visit to a Battlefield just as we have done.)

I know there are many people who feel that the battlefields are Hallowed Ground and they need to be visited with reverance.  So do I.  But there is plenty of a battlefield to go around.  Having those Boy Scouts there did not take away from the feeling I felt when I stood at the edge of the Confederate burial trench or when I walked the 200 yard path to Fraley Field and contemplated what was going through the minds of the soldiers at the start of one of the bloodiest days in American History.

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