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 Posted: Mon Apr 28th, 2008 07:57 pm
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Glad that someone found the photo in question because I do a lot of reading on Jackson and this one had me scratchin' my head.  At first, I thought from the description that it might have been the scene where the weary man was overseeing his troops & artillery make their way up some mountain en route to 1st Bull Run (that was one of the scenes played out in the G & G movie also).  Upon further recollection however,  I think that particular scene was a sketch that someone had made.  I also looked at Virginia Tech and VMI sites and couldn't find the picture.

At any rate, I tend to agree with those of you who shed some doubt on whether the man in the photograph is indeed Jackson.  Although I quit scratchin' my head over it,  I'm still curious as to who is in the picture.  I will try to look it up on  the L of C and Smithsonian collection - some of these pictures are captioned, and some are not.  Thanks.


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