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 Posted: Fri May 2nd, 2008 10:31 pm
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I don't know where the conspiracy starts and the insanity ends with it (The Kennedy assassination) I have not read Posner's book however I have read the Warren commission report andsevseral other works on the crime.

 Let me start by saying that I believe Oswald was involved but I don't believe he was the shooter. I think he was , as he said, a patsy although not an entirely innocent one either by his design or someone elses, I don't know.

Item: The Mannlicher-Carcano is a notoriously unreliable weapon and most marksmen wouldn't choose it.

Item: The Dallas police initially identified the weapon as a 7.65mm Mauser.  A rank layman might mistake a carcano for a Mauser but the police certainly wouldn't and the Mannlicher-Carcano was a 6.5 milimeter. Even in the heat of the moment, I find it  hard to fathom a veteran police detctive (more than one actually) making that mistake.

Item: Oswald was a poor shot. He had the nick name of "Sh*tbird" in the MArine Corp because he was such a poor shot.

Item: Oswald had some sort of contact with both U.S. and Soviet intelligence sources even if only a mild passing association. his wife was the niece of an official in the MVD and he was able to get in and out of the Soviet Union with amazing speed. he actually had a secret clearence and dealt with radar plots for U-2 aircraft while stationed at Atsugi in Japan. When he defected to the USSR he told the CIA station chief inthe Embassy at Moscow that he had secrets he was going to give the Soviets. Two years later, he and his wive were grtanted exit visas something that almost never happened and was just as quickly allowed to return by Amerian authorities without being debriefed or followed. Yet nno one thought to place him under surveilence while Kennedy was in DAllas. Strange to say the least.

Having said all of that I believe that the issue was not thouroughly investigated. Keep in mind that Oswald never went to trial and therefore under our law is still innocent of the charges, I would ask, if there was no conspiracy why didn't the Secret Service let the Dallas coroner do the autopsy as Texas law required?

The film JFK was trash as far as having any historical basis. Unfortunately Stone tried to throw in every conspiracy theory out there in to the mix. How much of a"nobody" was Oswald? The bottom line is thatthere are too many question for me to accept that Oswald did this on his own hook. Neil

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